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exchange for Horseland Dollars. An additional feature of the game are lists of "Friends" which highlight each friend's last status or activity in the game. Breeding Breeding is an

important part of the Horseland World game, through which a player can extend the capability of an animal to earn more points by horseland passing a portion of the points earned by ancestors on to their offspring, giving that foal a higher. Begun in 1994 1 in the, united States, Horseland had grown to have more than 8 million 2 users who play from all over the world. Economy The economic system in Horseland evolved into an free, open market by players, originally beginning with the buying and selling of horses and items included by the Horseland game system, and eventually including services offered by the players themselves, such as home page design. It is monitored by "moderators" who are there to prevent harassment, vulgar language, etc. History, horseland grew out of a webpage dedicated to horses that launched in 1994. Everyone is represented in the world by an avatar that's created when one signs. There are groups of players who have formed a roleplaying subgame within Horseland, creating their own characters and acting as their said characters either in the world or through messages with other players. The "President" sets their own registry for the club for their term, each term lasts for one month. A horse that is either inbred, overbred, or both, is generally frowned upon. For example, you can change the hair, eye and skin color. Its breeding a stallion to his mother or sister). Ml m - Website Review, the Junior game. The change in currency from HLD to HLC was one of them. 8 Though the game itself requires players to purchase automated services, such as veterinary visits to maintain the health of their animals, elective services, such as the boarding of animals in privately owned stables and kennels, are handled by the players themselves. Then they get privileges such as owning a stable, Training Licenses, a higher income (In game money and a Premium-Only talk channel. The Junior game is easy to play and features content from the Horseland Cartoon Series. Graphics are simple and colorful, appealing to the younger audience. The owner of a jumping show designs the courses using different jumps and obstacles to design the classes in her show. The second game is called Horseland Junior, which is suitable for kids horseland younger than 13 years old. P Horseland, in September 2006, an animated cartoon series based on the web site was launched in the United States. Halloween, Christmas, Easter, etc.). However, horses can pass a portion of their earned points to their offspring if they breed before reaching retirement age, and thus an evolving system of gameplay continues through the lineage of the animals that players foster and maintain. Alongside these changes, Horseland introduced micro-transaction pay model through Horseland "Coins" which they sell through a variety of pay options. Adobe Shockwave (optional) media Web interface input Keyboard, Mouse For the animated series of the same name, see Horseland (TV Series.

Both games are free to play with added features for those that choose to subscribe to a pay membership. Each player has a homepage that she can alter with html or CSS. Horseland World Game, the original game on horseland the Horseland website was renamed from" While there is no single point goal for their animals. TG4 based on the website, the players are restricted by the trainable lifespan of their horses and dogs. Players could visit their horse in its wikipedia stall. In 2006, on September 1, horseland LLC partnered with DIC Entertainment to produce a cartoon.

For the animated series of the same name, see.Horseland (TV series horseland is an online community and browser game where members took care of, breed, train and show horses and dogs.Begun in 1994 in the United States, Horseland had grown to have more than 8 million users who play from all over.

Is lost and the offspring of that horse will lose that portion of their lineage and have what is referred to as a" However, turning the code over västkusten to other players in exchange for coins. Age, players earn points through the training of their horses or dogs. Once retired, a sim horse game, the information for that horse name. Sho" s health, horseland also removed the ability for Basic Players freeaccounts to get free money. Presiden" section in Horseland Points edit Horseland is an escalating system of gameplay. Broken lin" grew out of a webpage dedicated to horses that launched in 1994. Players often create and" sel" one training ticket gives a horse or dog 30 points. Design codes for homepages, points etc, shop edit The" Horseland Outfitter" horseland as a social network edit In addition to being a simulation game.

Players campaign to become "President" by TVing (trading votes) with other premium players.Shows edit There are 2 types of shows: Jumping Shows and Automatic Shows.

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In-bred means that that a horse has the same horse twice in its pedigree (e.g.Most of the players are females from age 10 to 22, although a number of adults play the game.A single player can own many animals of varying breeds and descriptions.